Ethical Wills

A Way To Share Your Values

If you ask someone, "Who are you named after?" he or she might have some vague idea that it was for a great-grandfather or a favorite aunt.  Then ask, "Why that person?  What was she like?  What qualities did he have that inspired your parents to name you after him or her?" Few know the answers to these questions.  Can you imagine what a gift it would have been if those people had left behind a personal video recording in which they'd revealed something about their lives?  Sadly, if we don't tell our children our stories and the stories of our parents, no one else will.  The stories disappear and our children are deprived.

It's common to prepare a legal will to provide financial security to our heirs by passing on our property and possessions.  But these are not necessarily the most valuable things we possess. What's more important is our beliefs, our values.  


Ethical Wills (also known as Legacy Letters, Legacy Statements, Life Letters, Heart Wills, Ending Notes, Love Wills or Testaments) are documents or recordings designed to pass ethical values from one generation to the next. Originally a tradition of the Jewish faith, recently the practice of Ethical Wills has been widely adopted.


Too often, things that the parents think and believe don't get properly communicated to their children.  Sometimes children feel as if their parents expect them to be mind readers instead of just saying what's on their minds and in their hearts. We often intend to pass on these beliefs but never find the time to sit down and do it.  Our children are often surprised to learn about the things that are of such importance to us.  An Ethical Will is a glimpse into the soul of the person who creates it.  It's a way to pass on the wisdom acquired over the course of a lifetime, to bring family closer together.  

The process of creating an Ethical Will can be most rewarding for you and for your loved ones. It's a way to make people confront the ultimate choices that they make in life.  It encourages people who are too preoccupied with earning a living and provide for their family to stop and consider what they're living for.

At Surprisingly Good Productions we can guide you through the process of organizing your thoughts and presenting your beliefs to your family in a way that is personal, intimate, heart-felt and rewarding to you and to all of those who matter to you.

To read examples of written Ethical Wills, click here


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